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Pet Grooming Trimmers: Rabbit Nail Clippers

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The Best Rabbit Nail Clippers For Your Bunny

Getting a vet to cut your rabbit's nails can be expensive and time-consuming. In fact, our readers (and customers!) save a lot of money cutting your bunny's nails yourself at home, with our stainless-steel rabbit nail clippers.

If you let your rabbit's nails get too long, their movement can be restricted and their nails can be torn off - ouch! And unfortunately, nail trimmers made for humans cannot be safely used for rabbits. This is because a bunny's nail structure is fundamentally different to that of a human.

Make the nail grooming process as simple and easy as possible with our rabbit nail clippers.

Features of our stainless-steel rabbit nail clippers

  • Sharp blades specifically designed for pet rabbits
  • Easy-grip plastic handle to ensure precision and safety
  • Grip relieves hand-fatigue and makes it easy to cut your rabbit's nails.